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I wish I were rich - The 99%
by dc4028 December 23, 2011
A state in which you have so much money you dont what to do with it, so you begin buying George washingtons couch, giant 103 inch plasmas, and a 5000 dollar gibson you cant even play but put it in your house to show off

it is also the point where you can spoil your children completely and they can grow up to be helpless beings not knowing what to do with their lives, constantly asking for large sums of money to buy cloths at Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister and many more extremely expensive clothing stores, your kids also become self centered and make fun of all the kids who dont have as much money and cant afford the things they can, and the only thing they can say is "all because my parents were more successful doesn't mean you can hate me" but in reality they don't notice that they did nothing to deserve what they have besides ask for money and trash on poor kids which doesn't help them with anything

Poor kids dad: "this is a nice house you have here"

Rich dad: "yes i know take a look at my display of presidents coffins"

poor kid: "Dude i don't care if your shirt was 200 dollars why do you wanna spend that kind of money on a shirt"

Rich kid: "all because my parents was more successfully than you doesn't mean you can hate me"

by M.Moneybags July 28, 2008
First off, If you're black theres a very slim liklihood you are 'rich' so don't even front. Being rich is having more than you can dream of. Being rich is having a hell of a lot more than your peers and more expensive stuff too. You can chose to show this stuff off or save up the money but I would splurge a little just to show everyone you do have a lot of money but save most of it.

Poorer people seem to get jealous of the richer because they cant afford as nice things. Rich people can either make their fortunes through hard work, stock market or striking it rich. They can be inheritors or lottery winners or moguls or they can just have a really good job.

Many people get envious when they find out they cant ever and will never have as much money as me. What can I say? I'm one of the lucky ones financially and you aren't.
Poor man sonny envied the wealthier peers because he realized he would never have anything close so instead of making something of himself he whined and cried and layed on his poor sorry ass which resulted in nothing.

Michaels stomach dropped when he realized how far behind in life he was compared to his richer and younger peer. 'Oh no' he realized, i'm so uneducated and moneyless. Better do something crazy.
by GoldHill March 09, 2008
The guy who can melt your heart with a song played out on his guitar. Who can make you laugh until you are crying. Who can make you think about him until the moment you close your eyes. The one makes you really want to hate his girlfriend. Rich is the guy who can make your worst day into a sunny day with one touch. He gives the best hugs and always smells, well like Rich. Bottom line is, keep this guy in your life. Sooner or later, you'll realize just how perfect he is.
Sara: "So what's his name?"
Emily: "Rich."
Sara: "Ah. Rich."
by StealingHeartsOneSongAtATime November 17, 2010
1) An accountant who rocks
2) Mellow Yellow and delicious on his good days, scary and vicious on the bad ones...but worth every minute.
3) a way better dad, husband, stepdad, son, brother or friend than YOUR sorry ass ever deserved!
Wife: "Mmmm, that hummer was delish. Tasted like Rich cocoa."
Wife's Friend:"wow, sounds great! Can I try it?"
Wife: "hell no! Get your own Rich cocoa!"
by Hummstar April 04, 2013
Earning, having or appearing to have a lot of money. Usually, people who are rich live luxurious lifestyles and have many material items, nice cars and large houses.
That guy is so rich! He has 3 cars and a mansion!
by deejpeach October 29, 2012
when something is just too much to handle, almost to the point of euphoria.
The peppers were so rich my knees buckled a little.
by rrrrriiiiiiccccchhhhhhh November 24, 2014

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