any kinda of modification to a car that does not directly help the preformance of the car
all your wack guys who think they got heat and posting what rice is...when infact what you got is rice
by eric November 13, 2003
cool, amazing spectacular
DeVaughn is so rice.
that guy got his head chopped off how rice!
dude ur so asian that your rice
pinto beans pssshh rice
by Lilaay es soo silllay November 27, 2010
1.easily the best grain, side dish, food out in the world.
2.the best invention the chinese gave us since fireworks
3. a food that goes with any food at any given moment.
in a chinese voice..."OH NO RICE AGAIN?"

Hey did you cook the rice?
no why?
*first guy walks out the door
by iloverice100 November 11, 2010
Adjective. The attitude of an import or domestic sport compact driver who knows how to talk down on other persons' vehicles, but doesn't know the first thing about building a car for performance, but DOES think that stickers, oversized wheels, excessively tall spoilers, and "fart-can" mufflers improve the performance of their vehicle and makes them the fastest, baddest race car driver on the face of the earth. Rice/Ricer is NOT someone who will talk down on someone and their vehicle, but has the knowledge and the vehicle to back up what he/she says. For example, Johnny is talking crap on Shawn's Camaro. Johnny drives a civic with a fartcan exhaust with 6" wide tip, has more vinyl stickers than he has hairs on his head, and says that he can beat Shawn's Camaro any day of the week, yet when challanged, wont back up what he thinks and says. An alternative example, Same situation, only this time, Johnny drives a built honda civic, that runs sub-12second 1/4mile runs. Johnny now challanges Shawn to a race at a racetrack. Johnny wins. Johnny is not a ricer.
Johnny is a ricer due to his attitude and lack of respect for those that can obviously hand him his own ass.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
A way of customizing a compact or mid-sized four cylinder Asian or American car that consists of garish or tasteless cosmetic modifications with little or no performance benefit. Typical modifications include:

a)An obnoxious exhaust with an overly large tip, also known as a fart can, fart cannon, or coffee can, due to their sound that resembles human farts and their shape that resembles the cans that coffee is packaged in.

b)A large spoiler or wing that resembles those found on race cars but has no performance benefit and is only for cosmetic appeal.

c)A garish "body kit" consisting of front and rear bumpers and side skirts designed to emulate the look of expensive high performance cars but instead makes the car too low to the ground to avoid speed bumps and curbs.

d)Liberal application of stickers and badges associated with high performance companies/brands/cars. Although these stickers are supposed to resemble sponsor stickers on race cars, a rice car may have stickers representing performance pars it is not equipped with. Common stickers/emblems include:"VTEC", "NOS", "EIBACH", "TYPE-R", "NISMO" and "GT-R"

f)Cheap after market wheels and tires to resemble high performance cars.

e)Paint. Usually the vehicle has a poorly maintained factory paint job and is often equipped with parts that do not match the original paint (spoilers, mirrors, body kit, hood). In the rare case where the car has a uniform custom paint job it is usually a garish flashy hue with tasteless graphics.

Rice cars can also be characterized by excessively poor workmanship in welding, painting, wiring, and the application of performance parts.
"Did you see that riced out civic with the body kit and the fake type-r emblems?"
by splew May 01, 2008
What white sticks to.
I'll be on you like white on rice.
by Jimbizzy March 15, 2007
any modification that is supposed to make a car look fast, when in fact it does nothing for speed, and may in fact hurt performance, or any vehicle that has been subjected to this treatment. note that any make of vehicle may be "riced". gaudy, pointless, absurd body modifications and paint schemes, annoying bees hive exhaust tips. asians are the best at "ricing" a vehicle, along with spoiled rich white high-school teenagers.
after watching super2nr tv, lets go check out the rice section of pep-boys.

by EviL inside June 05, 2003

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