See the movie 2Fast 2Furiuos that is about as much rice as you'll ever need to see
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
Any car, usually an economy car, originating from any country (though most commonly of Japanese origin) equipped with any of the following:

-A wing that could double as a high-dive.

-An over-the-top body kit. This will likely not match up with any of the vehicle's body lines and will be attatched hapazardly to the body as to cause severe misalignment with body panels. Primer is the color of choice, although the rare ricer will choose to paint their kit.

-Paintjobs that are either outrageously gaudy or that vary from body panel to body panel.

-Stickers representing high performance trim levels on base or mid-level models (i.e. GT-R, Cobra, SS, Si, Type-R, etc)

-Clearly aftermarket head- or taillights. Typically clear or "Altezza" lights are most popular, but other models can be seen as well.

-Neon lights affixed to the exterior of the car, most often of a contrasting color to whatever paint job the car may be sporting.

-Gauges that have no importance to the car at hand. i.e. A boost gauge in a non-boosted car. This can sometimes be represented by installation of a multi-pod pillar intended to give other drivers the impression that the car has something worthwhile done to it.

-While not a definining feature of "rice", there will often be present a large (6" dia or larger) tachometer mounted on the dashboard.

-A shift light installed in an automatic street car.

-Any other modifications done to a car that makes it stick out like a sore thumb and/or appear faster than it is in real life.
"Man did you see that Honduh with the huge wing and the fart can?"
"Yeah, man what a ricer."

See also: Chevy Cobalt 08
by downer0627 October 06, 2008
What Scooby-Doo is forced to say when he's talking about a nice person.
"Ruh oh!" Truer words have never been spoken.
by That guy with the Legs July 06, 2005
Rice stands for Race inspired cosmetic enhancements. These would be spoilers big enough to knock over a stop light that have no aerodynamic benefits, cheap hubcaps made to replicate rims such as volks, Drop center BBS ect. 24 inch chrome rims on cars like a Civic or camry, Ugly or stupid looking vinyls, ugly non functional body kits or wide bodys, neon lights, speakers that fill the whole trunk.

an example of non rice would be a clean Honda Civic 18 inch volk rims a few stickers here and there lowered an inch or two and most of the money put into the engine.
Civic Owner: ok Pay up you lost

Sentra Owner: How the hell did you beat me i don't get it YO

Civic Owner: Maybe you shouldn't spent $900 dollars on that spoiler of you'res

Sentra Owner: But it makes it faster YO

Civic Owner: Not with the small power you have it's just RICE
by TurboMonkey March 12, 2013
Slang Term used by some gay men to describe Asian males. Specifically East Asians of Chinese, Japanese or Korean origins. Usually used as code when in the company of unsuspecting straight people. Wild rice usually refers to other East Asians ie. Thais, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc.
" I think I'm going out tonight. I think I'm in the mood for some rice
by rici45 March 17, 2010
Usually a shitbox 4 cylinder car that has been turned into an even shitter shitbox by means of modifications such as 20 inch rims (which make it handle even worse), a monster tacho (which does nothing but add weight), a ridiculously big exhaust (which makes it slower) and silly looking clear tail lights (which makes you gay).
Look at me, I drive a gay little rice car.
by non rice owner January 28, 2010
food .. usually eaten with other sorts of food .. but if cheap maybe just some soy sauce
mmmm food
by mui April 16, 2004

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