Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhanced
Race Inspired Cosmetic Enchancements
Wow this car is so RICE!
Are you are Racer or a RICE-R
by fasternfaster July 07, 2003
A street drug made common by Low Riders. It is the worst possible drug that you can take.
"Hey, let's go take some oxycotton"
"Nah, I like vicodin"
"I like rice"
by IAmGnarly October 30, 2009
A shortened way of saying Race Inspired Cosmetic Effects

A popular among the automotive crowd, Rice describes cars that have been modified visually; be it a very agressive and over-done body kit, rear spoiler (very popular "rice"), 'Euro'-style or 'Altezza' (clear lens and silver plastic, red lenses - second most popular) tail lights, or a bunch of useless car modifications, including but not limited to: Fake nitrous bottles, Type R stickers, 19" rims, fake hood/body/roof scoops, ground-effects lighting (glow under car), and the infamous fart-can muffler (usually 3 1/2" or more in diamater, identifyable by its annoyingly loud drone, reminiscent of a screwed-up subwoofer or a fart in a can, hence the term fartcan).
Man the spoiler on that 240 is nothing but rice.

Look at those dumb rice taillights on that Civic! Ugly, man!

Uhh... the body kit on that Tiburon SCREAMS rice.

Man that Eclipse is rice, from its Altezzas to that stupid fartcan.
by Midnight Dorifuta November 11, 2005
Anything on a car that is not supposed ot be on the car which is supposed to add "imaginary" power.
This Type-R sticker add 55 more hp!
by VanFanel July 26, 2004
Import car owners who add a 2 foot spoiler, a one inch ground clearance kit, a large tin can to the exhaust (which sounds like a go-cart) system and place chinese and japenese characters all over the car hoping it going faster. They think they have race cars. Very often found around chinese food places. Despite what may be thought, the only threat is their driving skill on the road and trying to navigate around them. Also believed to race sometimes, but never winning, even to a 1981 dodge omni
"hey ming-mong, my yerrow stickels can take his olange paint in a lace anyday, now let's go for some sushi and kaleoki"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
any kinda of modification to a car that does not directly help the preformance of the car
all your wack guys who think they got heat and posting what rice is...when infact what you got is rice
by eric November 13, 2003
A POS civic with 40 yellow stickers and a retarded driver who thinks its fast. Pushing 16s aint cool.
by ImportsSuck February 02, 2003

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