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Rolling In Cheap Engineering
"You see that Honda Civic with the big wing?"
"Yea he's officially RICE"
by Mike M aka pudding pop September 05, 2007
a car with mods with no performance reason for them
yo, BRO!.....rice is meant to eat, not to drive
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
1) an autocentric term used to bash any other type of car but one's own.
2) lots of plastic car modifications designed solely to make one's penis seem bigger than the little stub it really is.
3) that woman in washington who tells W. who to bomb back to the stone age
1)That rice civic piece of sh!* is no match for my ride.
2)Wow, the chicks will really dig me now that I have this $400 carbon fiber wing on the rear deck of my FWD honda.
3) Condolezza Rice, National Security Advisor.
by xsnowpig July 30, 2003
1- Asian, European, exotic and/or "race" inspired cosmetic enchancements to a vehicle with stock or near-stock performance. Typically applied to economy vehicles. Especially tragic when applied to a muscle car.

2- False representation via text, paint, body panels or badging of a vehicle's true model or trim. Only applies to text or badging from a 'higher' model.

3- The opposite of a sleeper.
1- "That Mustang is pure rice. The lambo doors, altezza tails, HID's and Kanji might win him some high school sluts, but he ain't winnin' any races."

2- "Why would you put SVT badges on your V6? That's rice, man. Your fobra ain't foolin' nobody."

3- "My pink slip is on the line but I ain't worried, that Civic is all rice."
by drenath February 08, 2008
Import car owners who add a 2 foot spoiler, a one inch ground clearance kit, a large tin can to the exhaust (which sounds like a go-cart) system and place chinese and japenese characters all over the car hoping it going faster. They think they have race cars. Very often found around chinese food places. Despite what may be thought, the only threat is their driving skill on the road and trying to navigate around them. Also believed to race sometimes, but never winning, even to a 1981 dodge omni
"hey ming-mong, my yerrow stickels can take his olange paint in a lace anyday, now let's go for some sushi and kaleoki"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
Slow ass Japanese car that uses thnks it will go faster with 2 15" subs blasting Trance music. It also has an engine that has less torque than it takes tighten the lugs on the pionless 20" rims that replaced the stock 13" rims that were too damn big for the engine to move! see also Hond Civic
Wow, that Honda ran the 1/4 in just under 17 seconds! Now that is rice at its finest!
by Domestic Driver July 11, 2003
Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevate.
Woman: Ouch I sprained my ankle!
Doctor: You better R.I.C.E.
by cocoa butter123456 March 27, 2009