Import car owners who add a 2 foot spoiler, a one inch ground clearance kit, a large tin can to the exhaust (which sounds like a go-cart) system and place chinese and japenese characters all over the car hoping it will travel faster. They think they have race cars. Very often found around chinese food places. Despite what may be thought, the only threat is their driving skill on the road and trying to navigate around them. Also believed to race sometimes, but never winning, even to a 1981 dodge omni
"hey ming-mong, my yerrow stickels can take his olange paint in a lace anyday, now let's go for some sushi and kaleoki"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
any modification that is supposed to make a car look fast, when in fact it does nothing for speed, and may in fact hurt performance, or any vehicle that has been subjected to this treatment. note that any make of vehicle may be "riced". gaudy, pointless, absurd body modifications and paint schemes, annoying bees hive exhaust tips. asians are the best at "ricing" a vehicle, along with spoiled rich white high-school teenagers.
after watching super2nr tv, lets go check out the rice section of pep-boys.

by EviL inside June 05, 2003
V. To get lower than a 50% on a test
Nic: Dude, did you study for that test?

Quinn: Nah, I'm completely gonna rice it
by Purpleeagle November 18, 2009
noun - weed
That rice was dank!
by lsg1902 August 17, 2009
a girl who bites and scratches people for enjoyment or when they're angry. You shouldnt mess with a rice, cause they will bite your shoulder.
Girl 1: OMG guess what?! I have a new scratch now cause that rice bite me!
Girl 2: Damn bitch that rice really messed your arm up.
by hehericelovesme April 05, 2008
I like rice, it's good when you're hungry and you want 2000 of something.
Fried Rice is Tasty.
by pagis88 October 25, 2006
A good food (1 billion chinese can't be wrong!)

An eco-freindly car with $10,000-$80,000 worth of upgrades that do nothing but make the car heavier, or look "better". Driven by Rice burners. Usually covered in bright colors like yellow. For a lot of rice, the amount of money spent on the car is equal, or more than, the amount of a new Corvette which would run faster anyway.

My civic's been Riced out.
by Anonymous July 19, 2003

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