Rice stands for Race inspired cosmetic enhancements. These would be spoilers big enough to knock over a stop light that have no aerodynamic benefits, cheap hubcaps made to replicate rims such as volks, Drop center BBS ect. 24 inch chrome rims on cars like a Civic or camry, Ugly or stupid looking vinyls, ugly non functional body kits or wide bodys, neon lights, speakers that fill the whole trunk.

an example of non rice would be a clean Honda Civic 18 inch volk rims a few stickers here and there lowered an inch or two and most of the money put into the engine.
Civic Owner: ok Pay up you lost

Sentra Owner: How the hell did you beat me i don't get it YO

Civic Owner: Maybe you shouldn't spent $900 dollars on that spoiler of you'res

Sentra Owner: But it makes it faster YO

Civic Owner: Not with the small power you have it's just RICE
by TurboMonkey March 12, 2013
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An automobile that has been equipped with gawdy, unnesecary accessories, such as 3' high spoilers, loud and/or repulsive paint job and body work. Owners of such automobiles feel that these accessories make their car the best in the world, when in fact it is not.
That Prelude over there is nice, but this here Civic ain't nothin but a ric mobile
by Penguin4x4 April 05, 2003
Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. (R.I.C.E.)Parts put on cars to make them look fast, when they have no internal tuning, and are actually slow as hell. Parts usually consist of excessivley angular bodykits, large rear spoilers, neon, sponsor stickers, chrome rims, fake "coffee can" exhaust tips, and loud, annoying paint jobs and/or vynils. Sometimes parts are do-it-yourself installed and are basically duct taped to the car. Most commonly known for being done to Honda Civics, but can also be done to slow domestic vehicles, such as a Chevy Cavalier, etc.
"Yo dog, did you see the Civic that guy was rollin' in? it was so rice."

"This guy's got nothin' under the hood, it's just rice. Smoke him."

"What a riceboy, I bet he thinks his neon adds 50 bhp!"
by Dusk Coffee December 20, 2004
v. To take a shitty jap car, add some Vtech stickers, spoiler, and fuck up the camber.
I just spent $12000 ricing up a $8000 piece of shit.
by Holden McCrank April 29, 2003
Rice: Another word for cocaine. This term was made famous by the Houston rapper RiFF RAFF aka JODY HiGHROLLER.
Last night after we got home from the bar those 2 girls wanted to party so i brought the RiCE OUT.
by Nilbog44 September 04, 2012
i) Food staple, ususally associated with asian countries but consumed worldwide.

ii) A car, usually a late model of japanese origin, that has had numerous features added to it that may enhance its looks, but do nothing for its performance.
Examples include "VTEC" and "Mugen" stickers, large spoilers, chrome wheels ( see also bling bling ), large diameter exhaust pipes,
clear brake light lenses and lowered springs.

iii) Individual features of a car noted in (ii) above
i) "I'd like a number 24 with sweet & sour sauce, 3 spring rolls and a bowl of rice please"

ii) Look at that Civic!. It's pure rice!

iii) Don't put that huge spoiler on your car dude, it's 100% rice.
by Trogdor November 17, 2003
All Show...No Go! Modifying a car that is a piece to begin with, and doing nothing but body work to it in the end. Most likely loud, and unreliable.
Like at that piece, how much money do you think he put in that rice?
by Rx7_Babe December 30, 2004
To excessively modify and augment the physical appearance of sub compact economy vehicles in an attempt to make it them fast. Examples include unsightly body kits, oversised mufflers, (which are actually detremental to performance) neon lighting, thousands of decals, and of course, twenty inch rims which are far too heavy for these vehicles to handle.
Jimmy G thought he was "dopey-fresh" in his riced out Honda. That was, until my Bronco used it as a ramp.
by Ricekilla May 29, 2003

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