Mostly a Honda Civic that's worth a grand cause it's a 93 dx...with altezza's and 4 grand worth of rims and tires, and a 3 grand paint job with 2 grand woth of stickers and a tomatoe can for an exhaust...with the SPEAKER blow off valve, under the hood.
"Hey man I bought a Type-R sticker for my Civic, it adds 5 Hp so now I have 110 Hp"
by Yo Momma October 19, 2003
a car that you've spent more money on stickers and stripes than your parents paid for it
by Dan The Man August 04, 2003
> Racing
> Inspired
> Cosmetic
> Enhancement

A cheap low performance asian car which is mechanically stock standard but has been dressed up to look fast. The owner typically spends more money on making the car look fast than it was originally worth. Telltale rice characteristics include:

>shopping list - fake sponsor's stencils on the side panels

>giant "nismo" sticker - especially on non-nissan cars

>cannon exhaust - stupidly large exhaust kit that makes the engine sound like a fart

>oversized spoiler - especially on front-drive cars

>over the top body kit, especially with mismatched paint

>pictures of dragons anywhere on the car

>fake bonnet scoop

>neon lights

>anything held on with sticky tape
Honda civic, Mitsubishi lancer, and Nissan exa are all common examples of rice
by johntheninjapirate March 06, 2007
cars believed to be cool by thier owners and only their owner. the kind of cars that dumbasses will equip with neons, 3 ft spoilers, and 10 inch "performance" mufflers.
his car is such a godamn peice of shit because its exactly like in fast and the furious
by tyler January 11, 2004
A fuel saving Japanese car, usually Honda, that was never built for racing. But some people, for some reason, spend thousands of dollars to add countless number of stickers of performace products that they mostly likely dont have, average of 6 foglights, big colorfull rims(note: big rims are NOT for racing) expensive paintjob.
wazzzzz hapenin, i just spent $10,000 on ma Civic, i'll race your stock Camaro SS for slips, yo! (Camaro won, ricer cried)

ma Civic was faster when it was stock. i guess all those stickers dont add as much horsepower as i hoped.
by 2000CamaroZ28 February 02, 2004
Rice is a term used to describe a trend in the modern, American, car culture. An offshoot of the true underground street racing scene of the late 80s, where people want to become a part of the scene, though they were never really involved in it at the beginning. So when some one puts what would be considered Rice on their car it is in an effort to fit into the image of the street racer. The cheapest way to look like this way is with purely sensory modifications, Altezza lights, large muffler tips without any exhaust modifications, wild paint, wild body kits, spoilers, mismatched badges and stickers, large flamboyant rims, excessive stereo, etc.
Anything that would appear to add performance, but inreality does not.Though any care can be “riced” it usually occurs with sport compact cars both domestic, and foreign. The ricer modifies his or her car to please others, rather then himself, they are more concerned that their car looks fast, that if it is fast.
"That car is riced out."
"Look at that ricer."
"I dont like that, mod it is to rice for me."
by Jason December 04, 2003
Rolling In Cheap Engineering
"You see that Honda Civic with the big wing?"
"Yea he's officially RICE"
by Mike M aka pudding pop September 05, 2007
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