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Rhetoric is the facilitation of efficacious discourse, and the inquiry into the terms on the basis of which discourse is taken to be efficacious or not.
Max studied rhetoric at Berkeley, helping him become the leader of the small town debate team.
by Mr. Keyholder July 07, 2009
22 22
The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively
I would tear you apart with my rhetoric
by John March 21, 2005
130 32
The skill of using words effectively and/or persuasively

The excessive use of high sounding words

Empty talk
The salesman spoke with such rhetoric, I bought 50 hammers he was selling.
by Eric Henry September 28, 2005
56 39
"The art that humans use to process all the messages we send and receive." AKA The way we talk, the most retarded thing ever.
I read a book on rhetoric, it was the stupidest thing I ever read, how did they write an entire book on it?!
by RhetoricIsRetarded September 27, 2009
9 36