The act of having to return to the washroom to wipe your ass again as you did not remove all the crap the first time.
that shit I just took was so sticky, it required a re-wipe.
by Soused February 26, 2007
Top Definition
Having to wipe your ass again from a previous domination(turd).

Also known as a R.W.
I have to stop at that store and R.W.
by Jason June 07, 2004
Shortly after taking a crap, one feels that "squishy" feeling between the butt cheeks, and a retreat to the restroom is needed to check the damage.
That was no false alarm, a re-wipe was desperately needed.
by rbtdp January 07, 2009
A second cleaning attempt of the arse when you have the feeling that you are not as clean as you should be from an earlier deuce.
Most times proves to be unnecessary and performed more for peace of mind.
1st dude: Hey, how about a courtesy flush in there?
2nd dude: Don't worry man, just doing a re-wipe.
by brion1111 August 09, 2012
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