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In the drum and bass scene, the DJ's practice of replaying a record that has been enthusiastically received by the audience. Spectators "call for a rewind" by holding cigarette lighters in the air; if there is enough demand, the DJ will spin the record backward and play it from the beginning.
The crowd loved that track so much that I had to do three rewinds.
by Greenie December 11, 2003
An interjection commanding someone to repeat a particularly surprising or shocking statement.
In this use, the emphasis is on the first syllable.
REwind--you did WHAT with him?!
by LJo February 09, 2006
to ask for a repeat;
to reminisce or remember;
also see backflip
K: slkeiirekke J: Rewind!
Being at this place makes me rewind to 93
by J. April 02, 2003
Verb meaning to go back and scan your chat for things you said but don't remember cause you go sucked into a chat black hole
zincink: you have a bass drum on your head
shanen: cant miss
zincink: how can you even see
Jam_Man: No i dun
zincink: rewind your chat and look
zincink: lol
by zincink January 06, 2009
Step 1: Drop a deuce.
Step 2: Tear off enough toilet paper from the roll to sufficiently clean yourself and set aside.
Step 3: Pull a large portion of toilet paper from the roll without removing it.
Step 4: Use this portion for the initial wipe to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Step 5: Rewind the used portion into the roll and finish your wipe with reserves toilet paper.
Step 6: Bait the trap and enjoy!

Notes: Use in conjuction with The Upperdecker to achieve maximum lethality.

Step 4: Rewind the used portion into the roll
That honkey mofo was actin' a fool and hatin' on my game, so I hooked him up with the rewind before I left the party.
by Brian Hudson Smith January 30, 2009
means to do a re-take or re-sit of an exam or test
Student A: "Fuck me, I passed all my exams"

Student B: Shit man, I can't believe I failed Biology, I'm gunna have to do a rewind!

Student A: You dumb bastard
by bwatter August 06, 2004
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