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white on the outside, black on the inside
yo that vanilla ice is one reverse oreo, fo shizzle
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
A sexual position involving a threesome, with two white men banging a black chick in the DP position.
I got a new porno that has two huge white guys plugging a black chick in the reverse oreo position.
by Toadrick July 06, 2007
This is the process, usually done in communal toilets, where a layer of tissue paper is put in the toilet before defacating to cushion its fall and prevent splash back. This is then covered by another layer of tissue paper thereby creating a reverse oreo cookie effect
"the toilet is blocked again"
"that's because Janet did a reverse oreo and it wouldn't flush"
by Boom Ting March 07, 2012
A reverse Oreo is:

1. When two white people are standing and have a black person in between. (usually pointed out in Youtube videos)
2. When two white people male/female are having sex with a black person male/female.
3. An Oreo cookie with chocolate creme and vanilla cookies.
1. Youtuber: Lol! those 3 guys make a reverse Oreo.
2. Virgin friend: Hey Steve! I heard you were in a reverse Oreo yesterday, did Monique enjoy it?
3. Fat dude: Do you know what would be cool? An Oreo where they have white cookies and black creme.
by theUnknownMC May 02, 2013
Very sexy black female sandwiched between two very sexy white males have a very sexy menage a trois. The white males provide extra cream filling by shooting two hot loads on the female simultaniously. The black female provides herself which is more than most white men can handle.
Did you hear what went on in Ems' apartment last night?
No, what?
She had some reverse oreo action going on with Tom and Ivan and they left some cream filling in her hair.
by Lori Anna September 13, 2010
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