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A sexual position involving a threesome, with two white men banging a black chick in the DP position.
I got a new porno that has two huge white guys plugging a black chick in the reverse oreo position.
by Toadrick July 06, 2007
A drunk broad with no care in the world screaming she wants scrambled eggs for the night while wrestling with a Great Dane at 3 in the morning. Breaking finally in to song,,,,scrambled bump it, scrambled bump it, scrambled all night. Break it down. (in a whisper with a hair flip)
Andrea wants scramdanite right now!!
by Toadrick May 21, 2011
Used when you realize that some one has quit listening to what you were saying and you just want to stop talking.
Then he called me again and asked for bleetle.
by toadrick March 12, 2010

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