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to have have once been a slut, left the world of sluttery, and then returned.
That bitch is a total reslut
by meg-han March 10, 2008
Results of a google search cooincidentally producing a large amount of links to pornographic sites.
Since I was heading to Prague for a holiday, I decided to do a little research. Unfortunately, a search on google for "Czech webcams" produced far too many resluts.
by Frantic February 21, 2004
someone who has renounced the slut lifestyle, usually by becoming a born again christen, but falls again into the dark pits of sluting.
for a while he was doing good after the party last night he became a reslut.
by bigposerhead February 08, 2005
A person who, at one time was a slut, then stopped the sluttish behavior for a period of time, then restarted the sluttish behavior.
Suzy is such a reslut.

Dwight you ignorant reslut!

That reslut tried to get up on me!
by btree April 05, 2009
To repeat an act of promiscuity.
'Karen has only gone and slept with Nelbert again.',
'Yes, she resluts once again.'
by Big-P May 07, 2012
to slut again, to make people think that one is once again a slut or has slutted again
"That girl was a slut in high school. I'm totally going to reslut her"
"Brian, stay away from Shayna, she's a slut! - No worries, I'll just reslut her"
"We need to get her back. Should we reslut her?"
by wicked little lie March 30, 2010
A girl who once reformed her sleaziness, but has fallen back in to the trap of regular sexual intercourse with random people.
Man, Jenifer was smokin' hot before she went Catholic and that shit. It's a good thing that hot ass became a reslut.
by Krazy14h August 24, 2009
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