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when someone decides to ban or censor something, and that attempt to make something go away, makes it even bigger than ever before, or ever planned.
dj danger mouse's gray album in which he remixed the vocals from jay-z's the black album and the beatles white album. when emi sent a cease and desist letter to danger mouse the internet community created an intense distribution campaign
by bigposerhead February 07, 2005
plural of the word y'all.
all y'all better shut the fuck up before i get medieval on your asses.
by bigposerhead January 24, 2005
when a large corporation contacts you with the direct instructions to stop doing something and not do it again. generally because they have legal rights to object you are copying or distributing.
letters sent to suprnova.org and many other bit torrent sites hosting torrents of copyrighted material.
by bigposerhead February 07, 2005
a google search where the end result is only one webpage being found. some criteria include: two words that are defined by dictionary.com. no use of quotation marks are allowed. and the resulting page must be a real article not just a list of words. an entire community has sprung up around googlewhacking. you can go to googlewhack.com for more information.
i will not list any googewhacks here since that creates a googlewhack paradox.
by bigposerhead February 08, 2005
googlewhackers who post found googlewhacks on websites such as googlewhack.com where they become indexed by google again nullifying the googlewhack status.
she found this really cool googlwhack but when her friend posted it to googlewhack.com it became a googlewhack paradox.
by bigposerhead February 08, 2005
a button on the popular google website where when you search for something and hit im feeling lucky instead of showing a list of results it just takes you to the #1 result.
dude last night i searched for french military victories using the im feeling lucky button from google. and it came up with this great spoof page.
by bigposerhead February 08, 2005
in it most simplistic variant its a single persons journal posted to a website. however the range all the way to corporate sites about new products to several people writing news to many people writing many things.
livejournal.com, blogger.com, slashdot.com. my weblog entry for the day was about how blog has sprung up in use with online journals because people were getting them confused with server logs.
by bigposerhead February 07, 2005
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