Top Definition
Utterly defeated, pwned
1. You got slutted in that game last night.

2. I slutted that exam.
by drake_aging January 17, 2011
Touch a person inappropriately while that person is in a relationship
dude u so totally got slutted by that chick last night
by SomeoneReallyAwesome September 21, 2010
to use somebody, to feel used
"I feel so slutted."
by bangsmcgee April 03, 2008
Past tense for fucking
I slutted that bopper last summer.
by udr1775 October 09, 2007
Extremely angry, enraged
Dude I'm slutted, my car was stolen!!
by jway April 01, 2008
when a person is just absolutely drunk out of their mind. just being hammed beyond belief
"Oh my God Mandy you and I were absolutely slutted last night before the bar"
by kaylyn November 03, 2004

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