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Phrase, to "crack a fat", to get an erection.

Possibly related to the British phrase to "crack one off", to masturbate successfully.

"Crack a fat" is commonly used in Australia.
The teacher wanted me to solve the equation on the blackboard, but I'd cracked a fat (being 15 and all) and was afraid to stand up.
by Frantic November 25, 2003
A slang, derrogatory term for the Linux operating system. Similar to the term Windoze.
Fred: I just spent all day compiling my kernel and setting up.
John: I spent all day playing games. That'll teach you for using Linsux. Windoze may suck also, but at least I don't spend most of my time messing around with it, I just use it.
by Frantic November 25, 2003
Results of a google search cooincidentally producing a large amount of links to pornographic sites.
Since I was heading to Prague for a holiday, I decided to do a little research. Unfortunately, a search on google for "Czech webcams" produced far too many resluts.
by Frantic February 21, 2004
Derivative of the word 'bog', or 'to bog', meaning to shit.

A 'boglet' is the offspring of a bog, and is thus a small terd, neatly packaged enough to form an individual portion of the bog.
Scotty: Captn', we got klingons here!

Kirk: Can you wipe them off Scotty?

Scotty: Och. 's no good capn'. Thar be boglets clingin' to the hair big enough to swallow the paper for sure.
by Frantic May 29, 2004
Any consumer in a market dominated by big business, where the power and control exerted by those companies provides a less than optimal environment for the ability of the consumer to utilise the product or technology.

A consumer purchasing a laptop computer with a region restricted DVD drive and no DOS or linux driver support would be a connedsumer. Likewise would be someone searching for FTP server software which, although being decades old technology, is still sold by software firms and contains less functionality than one downloaded for free from sourceforge.
Software connedsumers are increasingly finding that illegal cracks of commercial software, or open source software, is the only choice for hassle free operation without compatability problems and proprietary hinderances.
by Frantic November 25, 2003
Word play on the operating system Linux, and the word loony.

See also: wan2k, Linsux, Windoze
Want little or no high paying job prospects? Got the time to spend mucking about compiling, modifying, programming and learning new things for free? Feel like making driver installation even more exciting? Against all odds found a sexy chick that is more of a geek than you that you wish to impress? Loonyx is for you!
by Frantic October 29, 2004
Wan2k is derived from the common abbreviation of the "Windows 2000" operationg system, "win2k".

The humour centres around the word being similar to "wank", to masturbate.
John: I can't get sound to work in Frontier.
Fred: what operating system are you using?
John: wan2k :-/
by Frantic November 25, 2003

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