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A beautiful and stunning girl who turns heads on the streets, and causes instant boners. This is the type of girl you see in your dreams and when you wake up you wanna kick yourself because its not real. Usually someone short, curvy, brunette. All the guys want her.
jimmy-woahhh dude did you see that chick? totall renni. she's so damn hot!

bret- dude don't even try getting on that, she's mine.
by iSaidDAMNboii. September 25, 2009
Founded at George Mason University in 2010, Rennis is a two player hybrid sport of Racquetball and Tennis. Played in empty common areas of co-ed dorms. Generally played by shirtless/pantless college men.
Equipment needed:
2 Tennis Rackets

1 Stress Relief ball
That was a sweet shesh (session) of Rennis dude.
by Cahn Tymens September 22, 2010
Racquetball played with a tennis racket; a supposed fusion of the two sports played by shirtless college boys.
Girl: Why aren't you wearing a shirt?

Boy: Because I'm hot! We're playing RENNIS!!

Girl: Oh, that's so clever! It's looks just like racquetball.

by Babycakess6439 September 22, 2010
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