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Rennie, name meaning to be reborn. Rennies are cool people with an unusual names. Loves the beach and relaxing travel, Shopping included.
Very intellectual and insightful and can usually tell what a person's personality is just by looking or talking to a person once. Loyal to the day you are parted by death but if you play games or irritate too badly you will be cut out of Rennie's life permanently. Quiet and thoughtful to the point of making some people nervous. Really there is no scheme but I know what you are thinking.

Loves kids and would raise 5 or 6 if she could. Also loves sports. Particularly softball and golf. Loves all people named Tony and Courtney. Responds well to challenges but sometimes needs a shove to get out of the comfort zone. Can you say procrastinate? Should have been born rich as Rennies always pick the most expensive thing in the store.
Rennie is amazing and I wish I could be just like her!
by jinxy93 February 03, 2010

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