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Something said to another meant to be an insult, but is really a compliment.
Random boy at table to another: "You have a small penis!"
Beth, jokingly insulting her girl friend: "Well, Lauren, you have a small vagina!"
Lauren: "Why thank you, Beth."

The Beth Insult actually made Lauren feel better about herself.
by Ginger59 November 11, 2007
The state of being in a relationship.
Ian: What would you do for this Toblerone?
Elizabeth: I'd totally sleep with you.
Ian: ?!
Elizabeth: I'm totally kidding, I'm relationshipped right now, I can't be doing that.
by Ginger59 October 15, 2007
Portland, Oregon - best town in the universe.
Yeah, I'm from P-Land, what you make of that?
by Ginger59 November 11, 2007
An agreement that is so cool, it's cooler than a grill.
Elizabeth: If you bake me a cake, I'll sleep with you.
Ian: Sweet! It's an agreel!
by Ginger59 October 15, 2007
The name of a band originated in Portland, Oregon, by members of Parkrose High School. Their music type could be classified as "punk-pop" and takes influence from bands such as Reel Big Fish.

Jordan "Scotty" Fisher - Rhythm guitar and backup vocals
Jacob "J-Kizzle" Pratt - Vocals and Keyboard
Ryan "Chopsticks" Hanke - Lead guitar
Jason "Wee little Irishman" McGhee - Lead bass guitar
Peter "P-Unit" Lundburg - Drums
Man, did you hear Chin Up Rocky playing at the Satricon yesterday? They about blew my mind! That one song of their, Jack Slap Cheer, is like an orgasm of the ears.
by Ginger59 November 11, 2007
1. A gangster zoo.
2. Where gangster's go to see the animals.
Gangster: "Yo, wanna go down to the zew and see the elephants?"
by Ginger59 January 27, 2008
Short for "What Guys Want."
Commonly used in reference to sexual things.
ex1) We MOed for hours becuase it's WGW.

ex2) I want to MO with the guy on her chest because WGW.
by Ginger59 February 26, 2008
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