An idealistic old school definition of a romantic relationship: When two youthful adults, often of the opposite sex, based on their judgment of compatibility and attraction, agreed to move up from dating /courting status into a stage of hope that they can help fulfill each other through adventures to grow together and individually.

The beginning is always a high, but if the good energy isn't honestly, constructively used by both parties with right care, the fun won't last long.

It is an emotionally hard loss when it often fails without fruition, but something indispensable to go after in life's pursuit of happiness, just as is finding one's life work. Getting over this pain is smoother when the breaking up ex is actually smart & kind, and/or the broken up receives compassionate support over time.

If one who manages to make way with finding their true best gets to encounter another one who also has character, and they resonate that with flowing chemistry to overcome obstacles, the elusive sparkly lasting love might just be in reach, leading to better things.
His first relationship had some attraction and length, but failed because neither party was took care nor matured enough.

Though he was crushed after the second relationship failed, she fortunately left him with helpful lessons for his future relationships, and sent him home to reconnect with his family.

They seem to be a match and could have a good relationship with their consistent work ethics and sense of balance.
by BenShino-san September 01, 2008
Top Definition
A legal form of prostitution where a female collects money, cars, and other valuable things in exchange for sex.
i gave tiffany a really expensive diamond for the aniversary of our one year relationship last night.

yeah but did you get laid?

you know it!
by AZX3RIC September 21, 2005
The reason for 70% of suicides in America.
Stan ended his life because of a faulty relationship.
by Anonymous June 15, 2006
doomed from the start
relationships, either way your fucked
by mimmleflog October 08, 2006
The Ability To Put Up With Somone Elses Bullshit, Usually Of The Opposite Sex, For a Long Period Of Time.

Also See: whipped,hopeless,onegina,fucked
"You Know What Else Is Crazy?","This Relationship"
by DiabloTM November 30, 2005
a trap
by Exjordanary January 19, 2009
1. any type of connection that brings two individuals together for a period of time
2. something other than a friends with benefits
3. more than a mutual understanding!!
1. I have been in a relationship for over 3 years.
2. Who cares about cut buddies, I am in a relationship.
by thalovagurl!! November 08, 2003
The most un-sturdy and uncertain vessel to navigate through any ocean of the heart. While the warm winds of prevailing love and romance blow favorably through its sails, this un-seaworthy vessel steers ahead with pride and promise. But upon hitting rough and stormy weather, too often the relationSHIP flounders and sinks.
If you've yet to experience a relationship, then an example will do little to help you understand.
by nethcev! August 17, 2006

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