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Used as a noun or as an adjective.
A bad combination of retarded and paranoid.
Defined as possessive, psychopathic, bent on the destruction of happy people, insane and most likely incapable of thought.
Acts emo even if there's nothing to bitch about.
"Oh my God, did you see his new girlfriend? People say she's a Reg."

"Stop acting like a Reg, bitch."

"A Reg came between me and my boyfriend!"
by In the Lala Land January 01, 2009
slang for indian or pakistani people. reg rarney the pakistani
london is full or reg's
by regrarney October 09, 2007
One who can not handle relatively small amounts of cannabis; Someone who, after smoking relatively small amounts of marijuana, proceeds to vomit and pass out.
"I'm fine guys, I'm fine.. It was just a little thing back there..." "Are you sure, you seem to be a reg"
by NWA March 17, 2004
One who does not partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages with their peers; Someone who does not consume alchol at a party intended for intoxicated individuals.
"Fuck, I hate regs, they just sit and watch you drink. They make shindigs wierd."
by Daniel Kobiaka March 17, 2004
one who stays sober at a party. The art of going to a party, specifically intended for drinking, and drinking nothing. Short for regular.
"I'm regging it up tonight, and in that being a reg, and staying sober, like a reg."
by Gandrew Arrett March 06, 2004

Someone who posts on a board on a regular basis

Antonym: n00b
"WhEn Do I GeT To Be Teh Reg?!"
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
Not a weed or regular. Mysterious, sad boy who needs only to open his eyes and see that there are those who care around him. Most likely great in math. Misunderstood. Great person and friend once you get to know him.
You're such a Reg.
by loveyouloveyou June 12, 2004