Someone who is regimented, driven, and business-minded, and who extends this mindset to organizing a social life.
"What's a reg? Well, Mitt Romney is the ultimate reg, people who show up to Dane Cook shows are regs, MBAs area almost uniformly regs, people who work in the marketing department of successful software companies are usually regs..."
by Minivet February 01, 2008
n. An abbreviation of "regular"
Digitus asked, "Hey, is it normal that we have sex like almost everyday?"
The Asian girl laughed and replied, "I'm def. sure that our sex drives aren't reg. like others."
by Digitus August 07, 2005
small meerkat commonly found around leicestershire and surrounding area's. Most commonly found in melton mowbray the home of the meerkat!!
i think i've just seen reg near melton mowbray
by gillie007 July 20, 2009
An adjective used to describe a person who is acting like or constantly acts like a spanner.
Other forms may include Reggie/Reginald/Regina.
you're such a reg!
by Matinmaniscus January 12, 2014
REG isnt a thing.. its a way of life. REG is a supernatural force that comes over a person. REG is something everyone strives to become.
Shit! She was reggin' SOO hard last saturday!!
hooked up with TWO black guys, managed to climb to the top of the Frost Bank Tower and blew a .7 into my breathlizer.... I thought it was impossible...
A short term meaning 'regular' or 'normal'
'Why do you always play chess?'
'Well, when i was younger it was a reg thing in my house.'
by Kre'arr_owns June 22, 2009
A really really really really, and i mean really thick twat. Who has little or no volcabulary skills,people skills and is generally a childish, pathetic little cunt.

Also known as a jeff
Oi mate, you are a right thick cunt....... whats your name?? REG
by the real sweet-a-bix October 28, 2010

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