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not only the most amazing animal ever, but an extremely beautiful/cute girl. you call a girl a meerkat when you find them intensely attractive.
she is totally a meerkat. did you see that meerkat just walk past? i want that meerkat in the worst way.
by Joel Hangen September 05, 2007
A nosey busy body at work who likes to check out all the action in the office, his head pops up everytime summik happens.
Hey peeps, look it's Karadia being a Meer Kat again.
by Bhuju April 02, 2008
A slang term for a group of people who stand on objects, like chairs and stools, to get a better view of their surroundings. Usually occurs in lunch rooms when a special event is taking place. Standing in a group, they look like a pack of meerkats.
"Look at those meerkats standing on their lunch stools."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
the little rodents that animal planet has an entire show about
the small rodent simular to a prarie dog like a meerkat
by themeerkat April 21, 2009
The cutest, coolest, funniest, smartest, mischeveous, toughest and beautifulest (even though that's not a word) animal in the world!
Little adorable creature standing on two back legs in a Meerkat kind of Manor.
by Meerkat_Gal September 29, 2008
I made her Meerkat so bad.
by a fag. April 03, 2011
A person that you don't understand; that makes you feel like you're watching Animal Planet and you don't get what's going on.
A "Meerkat" is an ex girl/boyfriend who broke up with you for no reason, and you dont know anything about them
by Quinnie-Pooh May 08, 2010

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