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Common misspelling of Ku Klux Klan.
"Klu Klux Klan -- wow that's a tongue twister ..."
by spaztic December 26, 2004
The best brand of drinks ever. They are like liquid hooray or something. Loved by all those in the #jj2 and spiffyjuice worlds. Liquid sex.
Tsunami is the best kind of Sobe.
by Spaztic November 14, 2003
The term was originally coined by me in #jj2 during a late night of hilarity. The concept is simple.

Baked, of course, means you are high, which may entail laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Sleepbaked (or sleep baked) is simply being baked from having hardly any sleep, or from being up late when you would be sleeping.
Most practice fields don't bleed.
by Spaztic December 28, 2003
Here follows a brief history of reg ;)

AutoVoice, the God of #jj2, has a feature that allows him to record random phrases people say and spit them back out as an autoresponse later on. So one morning #jj2'er Disguise said reg ;) meaning 'regular'.

Later, on a particularly sleep baked night in #jj2, AV's autoresponse script was activated, and for some reason 70% of the time the only response was reg ;). Those there found it hilarious and began using it as a response to anything in any and all circumstances. It became a highlight inside joke for people into SpiffyJuice or the JCF.

reg ;) is used as a reply to absolutely everything, but is reserved sometimes for extraordinarily good circumstances. For the opposite, reg ;( may be used though that's not very important either way.
Person 1: I think I lost my wallet
Person 2: reg ;)

Person 1: Saddam is in JALE!!!
Person 2: reg ;)

Person 1: I seemed to have misplaced my scrotum.
Person 2: reg ;)
by Spaztic December 28, 2003
See sleepbaked.
Do you feel ENJOY ? sorry for disturb
by Spaztic December 28, 2003
Another term equivalant to cool, tight, sweet, awesome, etc etc. Almost exclusively used as an adjective. Originated within garage bands from Ohio and spread from there.

It is pronounced like the instrument, not the fish. Pronouncing it in the latter sense is a source of ridicule.
1. That new song by Jill Sobule is pretty bass.
by Spaztic November 15, 2005
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