Reet is short term for the name Reetinder. Reet is the baddest bitch of life! by far the best Indian chick around
Frank: Yo Tom do you see that girl?
Tom: Yeah Frank!
Frank: Well her name is Reet the baddest Indian girl around town!
by hotbebe October 05, 2010
Reet's ..Individual Retail Investors, the average
trader who is either Short , Long, and/ or day traders.
Hedge Funds manipulate the market, making it hard for
Reet's to get a decent order filled on any stock, on any given day.
by Corswecan June 16, 2008
Short for the term retard

is extremely offensive and lowers the self esteem of the person who is being called a reet
"Wow... are you some sort of reet?"
"OMG you're a friggin reet"
by Dominic Longoria September 24, 2007
mostly said on msn but you sat REET instead of swearing your head off. and its fun to say hehe
2.Person one: hey hey hey are you there hey are you there?
Person 2: oh yer im here i was just playing a game. hehe
Person one: REET
by XxtroubledchildxX June 17, 2007
the noise a possum makes
the mutant possum in the roof said REET! before eating another small child.
by MCHEVA December 19, 2006
A word commonly growled in hardcore/metal music.
Rawr rawr reet. Reeeeeeeet.
by Shane Velez May 31, 2006
north east england colloquialism for "right"
"yeah, im fine"
by kham May 31, 2005
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