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Short version of 'Retard' which was created by a brother and sister in order to avoid get in trouble by their hispanic strict parents for 'swearing'.

Said 'REAT'
Shut up you reet!
OMG D Alberto Ramos you are such a reet!
by De Guadalupe September 04, 2011
24 31
Slang; pertaining to retardation
"you spilled the beer, you are a reets!"
by Hilly and Claire May 23, 2006
18 27
Reet is short term for the name Reetinder. Reet is the baddest bitch of life! by far the best Indian chick around
Frank: Yo Tom do you see that girl?
Tom: Yeah Frank!
Frank: Well her name is Reet the baddest Indian girl around town!
by hotbebe October 05, 2010
8 27
To meet, greet, and read someone. Basically, it is an informal way to get to know someone you want to date. It's more formal than hanging out, but less so than an official date
Would you like to reet me for coffee in a few hours?

I would like to reet with you tomorrow.
by R.M.A.Kukowski June 06, 2011
0 20
A word to describe someone who is retarded. Sometimes said slowly.
Jimmy got an F in the test, what a reet.

"Hey Jimmy, I'm pregnant."

by ItsiDawg November 22, 2009
27 48
Reet means Hello or Hi
Reet mate how you doing!
You can extend it also like Reeeet, it's really funny
by Assad Khan February 13, 2009
15 36
sound buttpop makes, while wooing men.
"what time is it?" I asked.
"REET!" said Meghan.
by Lubeyyy April 20, 2009
10 32