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The fine art of growing and maturing as a redneck, often in hick bars drinking Pabst or Shlitz beer while crying about how much you miss your hot cousin and her 3 teeth.
Danny, who, though a series of bar brawls and general redneckery ended up with TWO chipped eye teeth resulting in a gap in the shape of an inverted letter V.
by AronP September 03, 2006
Physically engaging in acts of redneckness. Asking for a mullet on purpose; hanging the trophy deer head; naming your baby Cletus ; installing Trucknutz
What kind of ignorant-assed redneckery are you up to now? Redneckery.
by LucyBoo November 22, 2010
The art or practice or an instance of acting like a redneck.
While watching the antics of the cast on Duck Dynasty, I asked, "What kind of redneckery is this?"

Spending hours looking for the right camo hunting outfit at Bass Pro Shop could be considered redneckery.
by Mighty Meowth September 02, 2013
Any behavior that is indicative of a redneck.
That guy in the pickup truck with the NASCAR sticker on the back is guilty of unchecked red-neckery.
by wislaus December 15, 2008
Doing something to make you look like trash, or a redneck.
-People who have signs in their yard reading "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."
-People who think Jeff Foxworthy jokes are tips on how to live.
-"Did you hear about those people who shot the kid and the guy for supposedly trespassing?"
"Yeah. Total redneckery"
by angryJRD May 09, 2009
Some aspect of redneck, southern, or rural culture, but not limited to the south. I invented this term in the 04' election to describe the republicans. It hasnt caught on yet but spread the word!
My friend alex said he wanted to buy a Ford F-150 pick up truck. Man what a shameless display of redneckery!
by Fernando Venezuela April 26, 2009
The fine art of growing and maturing as a redneck, often in hick bars drinking Pabst or Shlitz beer, while standing and dancing on tables, hollerin' out loud about how you've been single for far too long and not understanding why.
Heather and her friends engaged in general redneckery Saturday night at The Wild Turkey Tavern, attracting quite a few rednecks of the male variety.
by AP_Redneck May 16, 2016
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