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A crazy person.
You see that guy trying to make water flow uphill? He's a real whack job
by Bungalow Bill February 26, 2002
A complete loon-ball. A crazy person. Nut-Job.
He's nuts. A complete and total whack job.
by Devious Steve O May 26, 2006
Crazy person. Someone who is nuts or not all there. Comes from the term "whacking off" and literally means the product of a successful round of masturbation.
Mariah Carey is a real whackjob
by Aberfan September 02, 2003
There are a number of definitions to this phrase, two of the commonest being:

1) A person who exhibits abnormal behaviour, this can vary from mild eccentricity to full-blown, froth at the mouth insanity. The degree to which the person is a whack job is usually given by qualifiers to the phrase. Mild eccentricity would be indicated by saying the person was 'a bit of a whack job' stronger symptoms of eccentricity and the person would be 'a proper whack job'. If the person was seriously insane then they would be 'a total, out-and-out, raving whack job'.

2) A professional killing, also known as a hit. The whack part comes from the victim being killed (whacked), the job from the fact that this is done for payment by a professional (it's his or her job).
1) Jackson Galaxy is a bit of a whack job, but he knows a hell of a lot about cats (he's not bad on guitar either).

2) Spanner was found dead in his flat, looks like it was a whack job!
by Croatalin January 09, 2014
a crazy person, especially one whose is in some way dangerous
I can't understand why they would let those whack-jobs have a say in things.
by The Retrun of Light Joker April 23, 2011
1. A Person for whom failure is so consistant that they are slowly driven into madness.

2. Someone who partakes in unbelievably odd behavior that a reasonable human would avoid.

See LaToya Jackson
"Man.. every since billy lost his fast food job for the 12th time he's been acting like a total Wack-job"

"Prisoner #46729675 has been wiping his ass with his hands & not washing them for weeks on end.. What a Wack-job
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004
when a group of 2 or more men mutually masturbate one another
I went round to Tony's and John was there, so after a few cocktails we decided to have a whack job.

Post sport locker room: Guys, we won! Let's celebrate by having a whack job.
by WaxyBellend January 17, 2011