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White Wetbacks still working in the fields in the south and still pissed off that black people they bought were freed from the north and are becoming millionaires.

see northern rednecks denny
Damn Jimbob your redder than an injun.. yukyukyuk.

Redneck:hay jimbob! I got promoted and being transferred up north.
Jimbob: where ya working at?
Redneck:at Denny's!
by 1:30pm May 10, 2003
Slur for Vietnamese:
70's slur.

it was said that it came from the sound of a vietnamese in a head lock trying to scream for help.
Ack Ack.. Chong!
by 1:30pm May 10, 2003
White People.
Man.. Im such a blank person.
by 1:30pm May 10, 2003

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