A low swooping skyjam.
While at the Toys-R-Us Mitch swooped in low on his target and left a Red Baron.
by HiveKiller January 15, 2005
Top Definition
Preferably done on a high bed, when a girl is about to reach orgasm, the man kicks the girl off the bed. After the girl falls off the bed, the man looks down at the girl through his hands while doing an upside-down hand binocular, and yells "I'm the Red Baron!"
Ever since I red baroned the girl off of a bunked bed, no girls want to sleep with me, so I started to superman them.
by The 4th floor red barons April 15, 2008
-Manfred Von Richtofen. One of the greatest WW1 aces, Flew a blood red Fokker Tri-plane with the Iron Cross painted on the side. Shot down over 80 Allied aircraft.

-When a girl is having her period.
OH NOOOOO! Run for your lives, men! The red baron is flying into town!
by Dennisisevil October 20, 2005
The opposite of a wing man; when a friend or colleague intentionally or inadvertently cock blocks you while trying to pick up, by saying dumb or embarrassing things, or by just being an obnoxious douche, essentially shooting you down. Holding arms out like airplane wings is optional.
Guy 1: dude, why would you tell that girl I have mommy issues???

Guy 2: Red Baron!!!

Guy 1: You're such a dick.
by Combustalicious May 24, 2013
Similar to a "Dirty Sanchez" but with a woman who is on her period.
Becca was unappreciative of my affections expressed to her in the form of a Red Baron. She slapped the shit out of me while she still had her red mustache. It was kind of sexy.
by ReGurgiTron December 02, 2014
Arch-enemy of WWI Flying Ace - an alter-ego of Snoopy, famed dog from Charles Schulz's Peanuts comic strip. In many strips, Snoopy takes to the skies, his doghouse becoming a 'Sopwith Camel' flyer, to defeat the Red Baron, infamous WWI pilot. The Red Baron was supposedly shot down by a pilot Roy Brown, who coincidentally shares the same last name as Snoopy's owner and also flew a Sopwith Camel.
"Curse you, Red Baron!"
by Aurora Skye November 28, 2006
Liquid DXM, aka robotussin.
I have myself a date with the Red Baron tonight.
by Mike February 04, 2006
The act of filling a large Mcdonalds cup full of ketchup, and then throwing it at an object, causing a large red splat.
Hey, Jonah just performed a Red Baron on that bus.
by NinjaL3mon March 27, 2012
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