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someone, a person, or an a object can be a poonce. a poonce is infact a pussy ass bitch. (also objects can be poonce's or pooonced)
Mike is such a poonce it makes me sick.
Mikes car is all poonced out. that car has been poonced.
by rsxboysarehot September 09, 2006
a person or person's that takes it upon them selves to personly drop hate on myspace along with myspace users.
my boss is a myspace hater.
by rsxboysarehot September 09, 2006
a ganster ass mother fucker who doesnt give a fuck about human life, who can hit any target, and will fly in any weather.
arron the red baron smoked some fools try'in to jock our nuts.
after doing some bad ass shit you have reached(red baron status)
by rsxboysarehot September 09, 2006
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