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A girl at "that" time of the month.
When the red river flows, take the muddy path.
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
A Girl on her period
You can run the Red River, just don't drink the water!
by roast November 15, 2002
One of the baddest fukin bands ever that came straight from chicago. With their crazy lyrics and unorthodox beats thees guys were the most original thing since jerkin off with you opposite hand with grape jelly.
Mike:"Damn, what happend to your face?"
Mark:"I saw RedRiver last night, '35 degrees 35 degrees du du du du du du, du du du du du du, are you little bitches ready? BLAEHH"
by Haryazz December 10, 2003
When the red rivers flowin', Take the muddy back roads.
Dude, you don't wanna go there this week. I hear the red river is flowing, You need to go up the muddy back roads.
by cowboy-russell November 13, 2005
When a Female Has Her Period while wearing white pants and forgets to use a tampon and the blood runs down here legs.
Me: Hey dood, Did you see katie?
Him: Yeah man. She was totaly just
Red River all up on 'dem pants
Me:Yeah 'dat shit it fuckin' Nasty.
Him: No shit.
by Big Nig Aaron May 14, 2005
the Red River is wen girl on her period (mostly notisable when the girls dont where a pad/tampon, or are just realy unclean)
wem battling the red river timmy always remember if the river flows red take the dirt track insted
by AzDel November 05, 2005
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