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A girl at "that" time of the month.
When the red river flows, take the muddy path.
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
"Showing off" or going out of one's way to appear spectacular. See showboating.
"After jumping the grand canyon on a unicycle, Harry was grandstanding by cycling backwards with his eyes closed with his underpants on fire."
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
From "XC Jey Boy" - a homosexual man who rides cross country bikes with flat handlebars and a saddle so high his puckered anus faces the sky.
"You're fucking jey."
"Don't be such a jey boy."
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
A bone located in the pelvic region. This bone provides functionality and support to the general cunt area. It is also connected to many pain receptors. Contrary to popular belief, it is not unique to females.
"My cuntbone has AIDS!"
"I got kicked in the cuntbone!!"
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
The semen of a homosexual male, which contains the infectious gay disease.
"That fag spurted me with his gay juice, now I am attracted to men!!"
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004

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