A rematch. A term used commonly in internet gaming indicating whether or not another game should be played.
Gotta go, sorry no re.
by himaster August 18, 2003
Resident Evil
Dude: What are you doing on the PS3?
Dedu: Im playing Resident Evil.
by Upzz July 19, 2010
1. (noun.) Pronounced "Ree" - A greek word used to catch the attention of someone. Also used to call someone stupid, a fool, or just plain dumb.

2. (noun.) Also Pronounced "Ree" - A developing slang word in the city of San Francisco. Short for "retard" Similar to a " 'tard "

1. Paris Hilton left a message on my phone, saying "Re answer your phone!"

2. While driving back from the Russian River, Sam exclaimed, "Ya'll are pretty cute for a bunch of fucking REs!"
by CraaaxxyGirl212 March 08, 2009
Spanish word, used mostly in Argentina, that means "so" or "very". It's the contraction of "recontra"
- "Esto es re importante" or "Esto es recontra importante" : = "This is very important"

- "Es re aburrido esto" or "Esto es recontra aburrido" = "This is so boring"
by Santiago Banegas April 27, 2007
Part of speech: verb

Definition: go back to where you started!
Dave, in these unpredictable times, sometimes the most apparent cure for discouragement is "to go back to where you started." Huh? Just re!
by elle3000 April 30, 2012
a word to describe some one below rere status, they don't even deserve the second re.
You're a re. Stop that.
by embem May 01, 2008
the worst way of saying retard
He got and F on his math test so i called him a re.
by blitzkreigfighter7 October 05, 2007

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