Back in <1995 re was short for rehi which was short for hi again.

Used by newbs as a status symbol showing who they know.

Used by acquaintances regularly.
User1: re
User2: re
User3: re
User4: re
User1: User4: I don't know you.
by SkyZero March 09, 2005
Short for Religious Education. Where one can go to class and learn about their faith.
I learned more about the Catholic faith in RE today.
by D0NNA October 01, 2006
Short for;

Retard; Rehab; Reject...

Also stands for religous education.
But that is totally off topic...
Tish: 'Hey Beth'
Beth: 'Oh, hey Anita...'
Tish: 'Huhhhh?'
Beth: 'Tish, i meant Tish, hey Tish'
Tish: 'NO beth, your such a re'

Beth Gumbied up..
So Tish called her a re.

by Tishalicious November 24, 2007
short for retard; a dumb ass person
Dude, don't do that! You're such a fucking re!
by Candie May 07, 2003
A complete and utter waste of time. Unfortunate school children will spend many hours being forced to study the many religions of the world; pouring through incomprehensible and frequently contradictory religious texts eventually coming to the conclusion that there is no difference between religion except the name of the deity they worship.
Pity those foolish enough to choose it as a GCSE or A-Level option. For they will be "fortunate" enough to discuss the existence of God in unnecessary depth week after week after week. It's funny how the RE teacher always states that the argument is undecided despite the overwhelming evidence against it and the lack of evidence for it in the form of antiquated, rudimentary philosophical ideas (Aquinas and Paley spring to mind).
Worse still if you have an unpleasant God boy lecturing you. Particularly if he is some effeminate Irish cretin who's arrogance and pubescent mood swings are inflicted upon you on a weekly basis.
RE Teacher: (Oh, I don't know.. let's call him Mr. Clements)"Boys, I grew up in the ghettos of Northern Ireland - I'm a no-nonsense tough guy.
Random student: There's a leprechaun behind you.
by Master621 November 19, 2005
Common word used amongst trashy, uneducated classless wogs at the end of each sentence.
LiKe OmIgOd mArIa U C dAt BuRnOuT rE
by John August 20, 2003
Originally short for "retard," but this term is not seen as politically correct. Re generally holds a positive connotation, and should be seen almost always as a compliment. The standard-plus-minus scale can also be applied to this helpful term. (RE+ being a good re, RE being a plain old re, and RE- being a re in the negative sense.
When the three silly children braided their hair together and galloped across their homeroom, the rest of their classmates shook their heads and laughed, "What res."
by Hi I'm Steph December 17, 2004
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