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If you say hello to somebody in the instant messenger or general chat for a second time!
In a conversion:
A: "Hello"
B: "Hi"


Suddenly "B" is sign out and log in again.
B to A (or A to B): "Rehi" (or only "Re")
by rawraw November 05, 2003
Re-his (Re-his)
n. 1. The creation of homophobia that comes about when Penis is written on something, such as a backpack, and the owner's father thinks having Penis written on their bag is discusting, not funny, and tells them to fix it...the owner of the bag adds two lines and thus has created the word
"Penis? Wait...what? What the hell's a Rehis?"
by Will of After School Squad December 23, 2005
An expression used when returning from an absence.
On IRC, for example:

<Joe> afk
.. other conversation ..
..20 minutes pass..
<Joe> rehis
by dwb August 21, 2003
A greeting typical in online games, message boards, instant messages, etc.

Usually in reply to "hihi".
1) Session Start (AIM - Random_Noob_01:Random_Noob_02): Sun Jan 05 16:37:11 2003
2) Random_Noob_01: hihi
3) Random_Noob_02: rehi
by Slim October 28, 2003
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