Indicates recycled or returned
Concerned re has passed.
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
short for reserve not said RAY but just r e
"wat u from"
"nigga RE"
by bkckallday May 20, 2008
a shortened term for a retard.
"God, you're such a total re. Why are you always stealing my
by Taylah December 03, 2006
short for retarded. they dont even deserve the "tard" part of it.
"dude, i just ran into the fucken wall with my bike"

"haha, u dumbass re"
by JesDontcare June 29, 2006
an insult against someone. Meaning retard or spastic
Richard Jordan is a re for spelling dictionary 'dickionary'
by dave charles October 29, 2006
1. Abbr. "Resident Evil" Commonly used by fans of the video-game.
"I've been playing RE for ten straight years, and my ass is as flat as a surfboard."
by Cerb February 18, 2006
Word used to call some body a dumbass after they do something totally retard.
Kuna, you just covered John's car with duck sauce, no clean it up you re.
by DumbKidsLikePunk April 09, 2005
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