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Leetspeak (13375p34|<) for the 3-letter word for "donkey" or your rear end in your nether region.
Someone deserves a good swift kick in the 455!

That 455 Cubic-Inch engine kicks 455 and the 454 outta the water!

And what the heck is an "ASA engine" anyway?
by Java February 11, 2005
f8 is short for "fate". F + 8 = Fate.
A snake slithers towards you and bites you in the ankle. The venom drops you to the ground in 5 seconds.

You could never scream because you don't feel any pain; the body just shuts down.

You have died of a mute f8. Sweet dreams in your permanent sleep!
by Java January 24, 2005
Someone who defies normality when using the bathroom (usually at a college dorm or a frat) by pooping in the wrong places, usually near the toilet.

Preferred places for a Fecal crusader:

Floor on Side of Toilet
Toilet Paper Dispenser
Shower Area
Floor Behind Toilet

Also, someone that we want to beat up SO MUCH, but always disappears before we discover his fecal carnage.
Java: Hey man, why's the door locked?

Printz: The Fecal Crusader struck again!

Dondo: Yeah, he was s----ing off the side of the f---in' toilet.

Java: Did you see anyone run?

Braaten: Nope!

Java: Wow, he goes in and out so fast he probably doesn't even wipe! If you caught the Fecal Crusader, what would you do with him?

Printz: I'd invite him to sleep with me just so I'd kill him.
by Java June 23, 2004
a Military Base.

There are more concentrations of Ricers at a Military Base than no other.

The only vehicles that "win" are tactical vehicles, and that's during combat, not a street race. The rest of the vehicles completely lose in every street race.
When I visited a military base, I saw Ricers Galore! Everywhere I turned, there were ricers! Ricers beside me, in front of me, parked over there, EVERYWHERE!!!!

You know, our soldiers can win battles but usually never Street Races!! Why? Because the car they usually race with is just a ricer!!

If there were street races there, the few Mercedes and BMW imports in the race are the winners in the end.
by Java October 16, 2004
Beyond Gasoline. If someone's Jet Fuel towards you, they're being more than hostile- they're being a complete C-less Castle.

Also "permagasoline". (but not always. Usually just "feels" permanent.)
Hypothetically, lets say I was having a bad day and was "gasoline" towards
you. If, at that time, you were to spray me in the face with diesel fuel from a squirt bottle, it would result in an instant eruption of violence, as well as putting me into a Jet Fuel mood towards you. And I can tell you
that most people who are not paralytically timid would react in a similar manner. Under no circumstances to any person would such an action improve your standing with them.

ADD-ON: I'd suggest buying Diesel brand clothes instead. That may lower peoples' gasolinism, depending on the person and fashion choice.
by Java September 07, 2004

See Gasoline or Hostile.
Tovar: (does a gasoline act)

Java: That's a sign of Gasolinism, Tovar.

Tovar: Today happens to be Gasoline Java Day.

Java: What if I were to spray you with Diesel Fuel??

Tovar: Then I'd stick a comb handle up your 455 and be even more gasoline.
by Java September 07, 2004
Gasoline: Hostile

Gasolinism: Hostility

Gasolinic: (adjective) Hostile


0-25%: Premium (A little hostile)

25-50%: Midgrade (Somewhat hostile)

50-75%: Regular (Pretty hostile)

75-100%: Leaded (SERIOUSLY hostile! You don't want Leaded!)

100-up%: JET FUEL! (Aahh, I'm not even gonna go there!)

For opposite definitions, see "Diesel".

Dondo: Java, Buzz off!!

Java: Man, Adam! That's a sign of Gasolinism- right there! So, how Gasoline are you?

Dondo: Pretty Gasoline!

Java: All right then. (leaves)

Java: Guys, Adam's Gasoline rating is at Regular Unleaded. Why is this and what can I do to make him Diesel again?


Friend: Daniel is having major problems with his girlfriend. She's been fighting and cheating on him.

Java: So, how Gasoline is she?

Friend: She is really, highly, and EXTREMELY Gasoline!

Java: Well, beyond Gasoline would be Jet Fuel...

Friend: Yes, She is JET FUEL!!
by Java September 07, 2004
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