1) abbr. Retarded Chicken Gang.
2) noun. Group at Henderson High School made up of people such as Ashlee, Larrissa, Jelli, Ben and Jacob. The RCG boys are generally losers, while the RCG girls are all HOT(especially Larrissa and Jelli).
3) misc. Three random letters of the alphabet.
1) Why did the RCG cross the road?
2) I wanna fuck all the girls in the RCG!
3) Random letter generator: RCG
by Steaver370 June 06, 2004
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Reverse CowGirl
Slang for sexual position with the girl on top facing away.

"She loves taking contol and her favorite sexual position is RCG.
by dreemweever November 02, 2003
Abbreviation of Relatively Cute Girl

Code used in the workplace with select colleagues in order to point out good looking girls discreetly.
"Check out that blonde RCG! She makes me want to dip my pen in the company ink well."
by rckthx July 20, 2006
Random Cute Guy~ A guy who you see randomly, don't really know, yet he acts as if you know him well, and is very random. The most important feature of this guy is the fact that he is extremely cute, he is often adorkable as well.
Oh I saw my RCG again
by Dr Doak March 20, 2011
Random Creepy Guy - A random and/or creepy guy who Photobombs or shows up in the background of a photo.
We got an RCG! He looks like Gary Busey.
by jaskmackey1 April 05, 2010
Random Code Generator - a bizarre way of reinventing ASP. It is often used by VFP developers who are bent on their obsolete language and adverse to learning anything new.
Your software isn't working? It's certainly a problem with the RCG.
by Pepe Roni July 18, 2003
"rollercoaster girl" An RCG is basically an easy girl.
Why is Bob dating that RCG? She really gets around.
by Natalie March 03, 2005
Some guy who likes asian girls..ALOT!
<rcg> I love asian girls!
by Tenchi147 October 19, 2003

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