Top Definition
1. penis
2. a stupid viking asshole who misspells his own name
3. one who is being difficult

Originated in 2002 at Carthage College.
Plal, quit being such a pener!
by miss grace December 02, 2004
a word for the PENIS
WHOA his pener is huge or small
by Anonymous July 09, 2003

1. An asshole who likes donkey dong in the butt.
2. The male reproductive organ.


1. Used as an insult.
"Wow dude, stop acting like a total pener."

"You are totally the biggest pener I know!"

"Dude, take the gigantic pener out of your butthole."
#pener #gay queer homo fag #donkey #dong #penis #wiener #butthole #butt #ass #jirar
by Nick and Tim July 08, 2006
the skin on your knee
I scraped my pener when I dove for the ball.
#penis #wener #wenus #anerd #love
by Zach R September 23, 2005
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