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A former president of Ghana who ruled the country by killing all the former Presidents alive in that country. Most people know him as Scottish-bastard since he never-ever saw his dad. He spent two years searching for his dad but didn't see him.

Any bastard who turned up to be president by using one race/tribe against another eg Saddam Hussien, Robert Mugabe,etc.

Osama is rawlings all the Afghanistans!
rawlings is what osama does in afghanistan.
by Prosper October 20, 2007
The art of being a right cunt...
mate, that was a rawling effort.
Your such a rawling mate.
by Bell52 October 15, 2006
Guy John smitshon can throw a knucklball like no other...
Johhnny rawlings just threw a knuckle!
by J April 07, 2005
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