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When you fart under the covers and then pop them real fast while saying "Rawhide!" Must be accompanied by the "Ka-Chisssh" cracking of the whip... Similar to a covered wagon, but with more velocity.
"Rawhide Bitch! Ka-Chisssh! "
by preston1145 October 07, 2011
When your really stoned and rolling a joint takes for ever.
Rolling, rolling, rolling.....
by oracle March 12, 2004
going in anally without lube, ouch!
gonna do you rawhide babe...
by Ian - Humphrey Wilder - C June 27, 2003
A girls ass that has been fucked for the past hours. It turns raw after a while because of the fucking.
"Dude that girl got Raw Hide after a while".
by sizzle my nizzle nigga August 02, 2009
Leather,Leather seats in a car
"Yo homie check out dat woodgrain and rawhide"
by Kaddy-Krew March 07, 2006
Older woman who has not aged well.
Guy1: Dude did you see her?

Guy2: Yeah, her face is like Rawhide

Guy1: Man, I am so drunk I am going to ride ol Rawhide
by bobbymagee April 18, 2010
tight, a really cool thing or place.
That Shady shirt is so RAW HIDE!
by Jay May 17, 2004