1. hardcore, wrong, disgusting, rough, gross, TMI

2. out of order, hypocritical, a comment/joke taken too far

3. done well without practise, talented

1. A: "I threw up all over her!"
B: "Eww, that's raw!"

2. A: "I can't believe you got off with her! She's so butters."
B: "That's a bit raw of you after last night... you pulled bare waste gash."

3. A: "Watch this! (shouts at passer by) Allow you!"
B: "Haha! Raw ownage!"
by kiwithie November 12, 2008
cool, awsome, or the best
Dude your are so raw!
by chris052992 May 03, 2008
An adjective to describe something that is good, or tight
OJ Mayo is raw at basktball
by Matt Wittlin February 09, 2007
Uncut Heroin, or Heroin in a non Scramble form. A Dark or Light Brown rock form that can be smoked, cooked or crushed.
That Raw will you out.
by AnthMv March 26, 2005
gangsta, tight, something fascinating
yo dat is a raw ass chain
by victor ( big daddy vic) December 13, 2004
you are raw
by sunhappy November 03, 2009
when talking about people, awesome/amazing
you are raw if you are awesome
by dudewtfrawisreal November 02, 2009

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