A motorcyclist who prefers a beat up, well used, sometimes rusted, and usually matte black machine to a shiny new bike. The opposite of bling. RATs come in both the sportbike and cruiser variety. RAT sportbikes often bear heavily massaged engines and are quite fast despite their disheveled, held together by duct tape appearance.

Also Riders Association of Triumph. A factory sponsered Triumph owners group, similar to Harley's H.O.G.
That RAT ZX9 looks like it's about to fall apart, but its been bored out to a k and has a NOS bottle tacked to the subrame.
by Phaedrus77 December 21, 2006
minge, twot, twat, slit, split tomato, inside out seafood taco, growler, funbox, fuzzbox, box, hairy axe wound, etc etc
"show us yer rat you mucky bitch"
by reverendmedia December 07, 2006
a gang sign of rival or unliked gang or crew.
lyrics from Foolish - I got the 45 with me feat. Dj Down South
<Dj Down South>
Hater flash a Rat no i dont take dat///
Pull out my gat go tatitat tat
An employee of Cornered Rat Software creators of World War Two Online.
We are the wad of Mo!
by SmackD March 20, 2004
An alternative word for a pussy.
Go on, get your rat out.


Jesus Christ ! Look at the fucking RAT on that !
by Pabski July 12, 2003
disgusting squirrels without furry tails that crawl around your house looking for food
Rats carry fleas.
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
in some occasions used to describe a gym partner, a team player or a co worker
hey yo rat mind if you spot me ?
by foshoo December 03, 2009

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