(same sound as a word rat in English)
1. Thai word for a rhinoceros
2. Thai slang term for a lecherous or lustful woman/girl.
Thummai ter mun charng rat yarng-nee? = Why you are look like a lustful girl?

tammai = why
ter = you
yarng-nee = like this
by kkrit ilovewasa November 12, 2006
A common word used to describe someone who constantly steals food, Shaves your pubic hair and makes a beard out of it when u sleep, puts vodka in your milk or just any other ratty behavoir.
You just shat in my pillow case you "Rat"!

You had sexual intercourse with my sister you "Rat"!

Feel free to add your own.
by Phil Pickering October 22, 2006
an akaash who grasses up everyone
akaash is a rat in this school none like him
by s664 March 08, 2006
a Person who Goes around thinking their right an talking behind peoples back
Cru is such a rat says shit behind ppls back an not to their face half the time
by JennaJones June 12, 2004
1.Some one who narks usually with the first name Tony and likes pasta
2.a defensless creature who lives in ghetto towns and feeds of old food
1.Hey Tony you rat now i have to kill you, you shouldn't have messed with the forelli family
2.hey look its a rat eatin our milk/cottage cheese let bust a cap in it's uglay grey ass
by TJ muenzie A.k.A Tigit/tito February 24, 2004
A woman's genitalia when viewed from behind when she's bending over.
TWO GUYS READING A PLAYBOY Dude, check out the RAT on HER!!
by ghost July 31, 2003
Some that cant say their R's right and says (I'm gonna punch you in the face alot). It's someone also that is very stupid and looks at him self in the mirror all day and that has a permament flex
Chris leave me alone!......(Chris)I awwwta punch you in da face.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003

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