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To be refering to the bum. West Indian's use it in a slang when they are mad.
O rass....someone juss put a dent in my car.
by Peter February 26, 2003
1.West Indian term referring to the behind.
2.Can also be a word used to enhance any sentence.
3.Used when angry
4.Creole for ass
1.Yuh rass tuh big deh...means:your ass is too big there
2.This rass ting nah gud fuh none rass money...rass! means: This thing isn't good for any amount of money
3.Rass! You nah geh none idea how had meh wuk fuh this rass thing! means:you don't have any idea how hard I worked for this thing.
4.rass means ass.
#ass #behind #ass hole #bad #creole
Used as an intensifier.

Used as a response to a shocking stimulus.
Intensifier: "Rass my legs jus' got blown off!"

"Yo man put ur pants back on!"
Shock-response wud be: "rass i daint even notice!"
by Esq. January 12, 2004
Guyanese people word of the behind. Or sometimes used as just a regular curse.
1 ) Oh skunt you mad rass. ( saying tht there crazy ]
2 } My rass is hurting me.

3 ) Yuh rass a itch ?
#skunt #rass #guyanese #batty #auntyman
by yuhmuddahrass June 24, 2009
Rass is a Carribean Swear word that is equivalent to the word "ass". Especially used in the country of Belize.
I wah buss your rass.

Translation: I will burst your ass.
#ass #mada rass #simple ass #bumboclat #anger
by Dobbie100 August 09, 2009
Bullshit, Bullcrap.
"He likes to talk rass." "Don't listen to him, he only talks rass."
#bullcrap #bullshit #not serious #lies #joking around.
by KG- Man November 03, 2009
what you say at the end of a false statement.
another way of saying 'joke' or 'not'
Shes really attractive. RASS!
#joke #not #ras #jk #nt.
by Reezy! July 16, 2009
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