1. Another name for a swinger. 2. A person in the lifestyle which involves swapping of partners. 3. Used to lable a type of party in which you will be attending, a raspberry party is one in which other swingers will be in attendance.
1. The annual halloween party which started as a vanilla event has gradually over the years become more raspberry.

2. Next Saturday we are going out with some raspberry friends for dinner and drinks.
#lifestyle #swinger #blender #vanilla #ate
by Sexsters May 30, 2012
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when you blow directly on someone's bare skin resulting in a tickling sensation for the other person and makes a 'farting' sound, usually done on ones stomache
I gave my boyfriend a raspberry the other day and then we just started tickling eachother
by Lauren November 14, 2004
Noise made through pursed lips to show contempt.
Charlie blew a raspberry at sassy.
by Charlie Wallace December 17, 2002
Wow! What the hell happened to actually defining a word properly?? A raspberry is when you make a noise through your mouth? Anal sex? WTF? A raspberry is a god damn fruit for fucks sake!! It its awesome!!!
raspberrys are cool and delicious
#raspberry #fruit #god #sex #asshole
by andizze92 March 08, 2008
a loud, rude, flatuation sound, made with the lips(see also Bronx cheer)
You would expect the occasional raspberry from some of the people in the audience.
by Light Joker November 14, 2004
1. To blow when your tongue is sticking out of your mouth, producing a rasping sound.
2. Cockney rhyming slang for nipples. Raspberry ripple = nipple.
1. The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Olde London Town.
2. It must be cold today. Look at the raspberries on that. I could hang mi coat on them buggers.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
1: A fruit. It can be eaten plain, made into a juice, etc.

2: Rhyming slang, meaning to make a fart sound with the mouth. Usually this is done on the stomach of a child.

Raspberry Tart rhymes with fart. Tart was dropped, leaving the less conspicuous, less gross sounding 'Raspberry'.

Person A: I just love raspberries, but I'm so allergic to them!


Person B: My child would NOT stop crying, so I blew a Raspberry on his stomach. Made him giggle. Works every time.
#rasberry #rasperry #raspberry tart #raspberry fart #fart #rhyming slang #cockney
by mystery_me July 05, 2010
The red splotches left on the skin after falling to the ground. Like a burn, often coming through pants scraping along the ground. Similar to a skinned knee, though usually not deep enough to draw blood.
The baseball player slid along the dirt, a choice that would probably leave raspberries on his leg.
#skinned knee #scrapes #burn #raspberry #red
by nathan118 February 09, 2009
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