While having anal sex you pull out your dick and the receiver flexes their anus muscles, (the ones used to shit), which causes the rectum to partially turn inside out. Its very red in color and about the size of a raspberry, hence the name.
Bro 1: Hey dude, how was fucking your girl last night?

Bro 2: Bro, i was fucking her in the ass and i pulled out and she had the biggest raspberry!!

Bro 1: No way! So what did you do?

Bro 2: I made her keep it out and i came all over it!
by Mr. 5150 December 06, 2014
A substitution of a blasphemous word, used when frustrated.
Aww raspberries!
by Dark Arsonist February 03, 2004
A horrible experience in all regards, sometimes involving large men, which includes, but is not limited to, excessive blowing on the stomach region and farting noises emitted from the mouth. It usually occurs in conjunction with excessive drinking. It never happens at college.
After drinking half a bottle of bacardi, Charles gave Christopher a raspberry which led to sulking and bad times.
by Tim Goonerspoots January 15, 2007
Cockney Rhyming Slang for a disabled person.
Raspberry Ripple = Cripple
by Rob January 21, 2003
Crack whore that wears a red bandanna on her head. You can usually find them in the slums or industrial parts and usually black women. They will perform blow jobs for the price of a fix. You could get them to do anything but its safer to have them swig some liquor before they touch your pecker.
That raspberry over there charges only $5 for a blow job.
by John Jack April 10, 2007
French kissing or a passionate kiss

They shared a raspberry

Raspberried : frenched

Carla was rapsberried by Jim
by Rei March 12, 2005
A male prostitute
"There is only one person who would DARE give me the raspberry....LONESTAR!!!"
by madamasselle November 14, 2003
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