To make a farting sound, either in the traditional way or with one's lips. (From Cockney rhyming slang: raspberry tart -> fart)
The other guy rudely greeted his suggestion with a raspberry.
by Starry Gordon July 09, 2006
A male who exchanges sex acts for drugs.
That raspberry just performed oral sex on dude for a dub.
by thisizny June 13, 2013
one's anal virginity, as opposed to "cherry" which refers to vaginal virginity or the hymen.
I spent two years in prison and managed to get out with my raspberry still intact.
by a96ozsteak June 20, 2012
1. Another name for a swinger. 2. A person in the lifestyle which involves swapping of partners. 3. Used to lable a type of party in which you will be attending, a raspberry party is one in which other swingers will be in attendance.
1. The annual halloween party which started as a vanilla event has gradually over the years become more raspberry.

2. Next Saturday we are going out with some raspberry friends for dinner and drinks.
by Sexsters May 30, 2012
Very underappreciated fruits. These happen to be one the most delicious foods a single person can consume. Unfortunately, they are not ripe most seasons of the year
Girl: Hey, wanna get some raspberries?
Boy: Sorry, the only raspberry we have is rotten, they are out of season
by -logical January 02, 2012
n. Rough chafing to the skin causing redness or scratches resembling a raspberry.
She got a huge raspberry when she slid into home base without out sliding shorts.
by Lemonachi October 30, 2006
While having anal sex you pull out your dick and the receiver flexes their anus muscles, (the ones used to shit), which causes the rectum to partially turn inside out. Its very red in color and about the size of a raspberry, hence the name.
Bro 1: Hey dude, how was fucking your girl last night?

Bro 2: Bro, i was fucking her in the ass and i pulled out and she had the biggest raspberry!!

Bro 1: No way! So what did you do?

Bro 2: I made her keep it out and i came all over it!
by Mr. 5150 December 06, 2014

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